Belize Mission & Retreat Facilities

The Belize Mission & Retreat is located on 7 acres near the village of Gales Point on the central Caribbean coast of Belize. Our facility is remote with the Southern Lagoon to the West and the Caribbean to the East.

Access is provided via a five mile long driveway which connects to the Coastal Highway. There is also an option to walk for one mile down the driveway and shuttle across the Southern Lagoon by boat.

The Lodge

A three story lodge sits as an ancor for the property. The second level is the hub of activity, consisting of a greatroom which houses the dining and living areas, a full-service kitchen, the mission office, and two bathrooms. Furnishings in the greatroom are made from an exotic native wood called Malina. Off the second floor is a large covered deck, the perfect place to gather and enjoy the view and the fellowship. A dorm located on the first floor sleeps up to 20 in bunks and has two bathrooms. The third floor provides another dorm-style bunkhouse that sleeps up to 10.

A lookout deck, located on the top of the lodge, provides an incredible 360 degree view of the beautiful property. The Caribbean Sea shimmers to the East while Rain Forest and Maya Mountains shine in the West. This deck is a perfect location for viewing a sunrise or sunset, as well as for stargazing after dark.

The Cabanas

There are two duplex cabanas. Each with a balcony and private bathrooms. Each cabin is also individually decorated with hand made furniture made from exotic "Malina" wood.

Belize Mission Chapel

The Chapel

The chapel provides a location for team orientations, team devotions, short term missions training, seminars and overflow housing, for groups over 30.

The Yard

After a hard days work, our grounds and beach will be a great place to relax, since the setting is naturally beautiful, sitting on the Caribbean coast. Year round average temperatures are in the 80's during the day and in the 70's at night, with high humidity. Tropical breezes provide natural air conditioning for most of the year.

Environmentally Friendly

Our facility is completely off-the-grid, meaning we produce our own electricity and collect our own water. Our electricity is generated by solar panels located on the lodge roof. Current is stored in a battery bank for evenening hours and cloudy days. Our water is collected from the roofs of our buildings and held in cisterns until used. Drinking water purified by means of a UV filter and chlorine.

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