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We invite you come to Belize! Please pray about it!

The Belize Mission and Retreat is available for skilled and unskilled workers, from any nation or denominational background. You have the opportunity to take a unique and exciting short-term missions adventure, that takes you out of your comfort zone, to Belize, Central America, for a very reasonable daily per person cost. We have very specific needs for work teams in the following areas:

NOTE: We must evaluate individuals with existing medical conditions or disabilities for suitability on this particular mission. Age may also be a limiting factor. Please contact us ahead of time if you have questions concerning these areas.

Our Mission & Retreat is great for families, church service teams, or youth groups. Why not plan now to join us for an experience and adventure of a lifetime? God can use you in ways you never thought possible!

People from all walks of life have taken hold of the torch for evangelism and trail-blazing pathways for the Lord. That pioneering spirit is a vital part of this adventure. It's a journey into the heart of God -- a journey of discovery that God is working even now in you, in us, and in the people of Belize..

If you're looking for this kind of life-challenge and are seeking to strengthen your relationship with God and His purpose for your life, the choice is clear. Your commitment to our mission is a powerful declaration that your life will make a difference in the lives of those who don't know God.

Not only will you have the opportunity to work with missionaries and the people and culture of third world countries, but you will also see and enjoy God's marvelous creation and handiwork in Belize at the same time.

We are looking for Christians who want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in Belize. Yes, the beach is only a few steps away and you can enjoy the marvelous Caribbean. But we hope that sharing your faith and showing Christ's love, through hands-on work projects, will be more exciting than working on your tan.

Please prayerfully consider serving the Lord with us here in Belize and find out how rewarding it is to give of yourself in the lives of others. You'll never be the same again. (And your sore muscles will serve as a constant reminder that you're stepping out in faith for the benefit of others.

You may very well minister to more people during this type of Missionary excursion and outreach than at any other time in your life.

So, if the Holy Spirit is nudging you right now -- now is the time to respond to Him and become involved in our ministry for Belize. To be successful, we need your help. Unashamedly, we ask you to invest your finances, your talents, and most importantly, your prayers in this exciting outreach.

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